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From molecules to medicine

GNN delivers molecules for development of life-saving medications on dry ice from USA to Hungary during a Christmas snowstorm.

Sustainable closed-loop-solution

GNN conceptualises unique cost- and time-efficient sustainable closed-loop-solution for high frequency shipments of biological samples at -190°C.

Time critical shipment

GNN establishes a sustainable clinical study supply chain to make time critical shipment of blood samples possible.


Bio-Europe Spring 2023 in Basel

The GNN Group had a very successful event at BIO-Europe Spring in Basel, Switzerland in March 2023. CEO Mehran Nadji and CFO Sam Yazdani attended the three-day event to meet with numerous prospects and potential partners to discuss opportunities and possibilities in clinical trial logistics.

Interview with GNN´s Quality Manager and Head of Operations

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Knowledge to share

Our downloads area has everything you want to know about GNN as well as an overview of our services and expertise – right there and ready for download. One click gets you everything you could possibly want to learn.

Sample Shipment Instructions (pdf/665 KB)
Medication Shipment Manual (pdf/1 MB)
Medication Shipment Manual for Shipping Site (pdf/310 KB)
Manual – Frozen Samples (pdf/185 KB)
Instructions for Use – TT4 USB ambient SU (pdf/213 KB)
Handling Instructions for Dry Shipper (LN2) XC (pdf/207 KB)
Handling Instructions for Dry Shipper (LN2) SC 4-3 V_VialHolder (pdf/137 KB)
Handling Instructions for Dry Shipper (LN2) SC 4-3 V_JAR (pdf/147 KB)
Quality Management in Clinical trial logistics (pdf/236 KB)
Optimizing clinical trial supply chain (pdf/470 KB)
Partner Evaluation (pdf/253 KB)
Mitigating a risk of customs clearance delays in USA (pdf/242 KB)


As one of the world’s leading clinical trial logistics companies, sustainability is a major focus for us at GNN Group. We are actively committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our logistics processes while ensuring high efficiency and high quality.

Key aspects of sustainability include reducing waste and precluding disposable packaging and disposable loggers. Instead, we count on reusable thermal packaging. This packaging can be cleaned and reused after each shipment, which not only reduces waste but also cuts down on costs. We work with well-known manufacturers of reusable packaging in order to provide our customers with an optimal solution for their needs.

Reusable packaging is one of the many ways we make an important contribution toward reducing carbon emissions. Disposable packaging usually necessitates costly disposal and cannot be reused. Reusable packaging, on the other hand, conserves raw materials and energy and reduces environmental impact. Another important factor for sustainability in clinical trial logistics is the transport route.

We cut down on carbon emissions by optimizing transport routes and using environmentally friendly shipping methods such as electric cars and bikes. The use of alternative transportation options such as shipping via rail or sea also helps minimize our environmental footprint.

When it comes to the storage of samples and medicines, we rely on energy-efficient technologies and an efficient organization. Optimized warehousing can save energy while also improving the shelf life and quality of products. We also account for environmental conditions when selecting warehouse sites, such as when we need to consider energy-efficient air conditioning.

In addition to environmental sustainability, social sustainability also plays an important role in the logistics of clinical trials. We strive to create fair working conditions for our employees and partners, and we are committed to respecting human rights and protecting sensitive data. In support of these objectives, we work closely with our customers and partners to ensure responsible and sustainable teamwork.

We are proud to be a company that is committed to sustainability in clinical trial logistics. By using returnable packaging and optimizing our transport and warehousing processes, we help reduce our environmental footprint while ensuring the highest quality and efficiency. We are convinced that sustainable logistics is beneficial not only for the environment, but also for our customers and partners.

We also offer webinars on this topic – please feel free to register to attend! Send us an email if you are interested, and we’ll reply with the details.

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