Whether you need to ship infectious samples at -180°C (LN2) or large batches of IMPs at +20°C, we make it happen, hassle free. Gain peace of mind knowing your logistics processes are in the best and safest of hands.

Determining whether a treatment can save the lives of millions of people requires extensive research. During the development process, we support you with more than 20 years of experience and a customized supply chain solution to drive research and development forward.
Shipping biological samples can present many challenges. You can rely on GNN’s expertise for shipping all types of biological samples. We ensure the temperature stability and IATA/ADR compliance of your shipments by utilizing the most innovative monitoring and packaging systems available in the industry.

Time and temperature play a critical role throughout all steps of PBMC sample processing, all the way from retrieval to transportation. We help you ship blood samples and cryopreserved PBMC samples to the desired laboratory as quickly as possible.

Both in the pharmaceutical industry and in the world of clinical trials, the trend is shifting toward finding solutions in a patient-centric manner. We offer complete decentralization of your research or study, including its individual components, to allow patients from all over the world to participate in studies and research. GNN delivers clinical trial materials and biological samples directly to and from patients around the world, guaranteeing quality by ensuring a smooth process from pickup to delivery.
Shipping investigational medicinal products (IMPs) requires a single-source provider whose flexibility and customized solutions meet the highest quality standards. With a 99.7% success rate, we guarantee IMP shipping without deviations of any kind.
Successful development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and unfinished (bulk) drugs is dependent upon speed, efficiency, and consistent quality across all processes. GNN ensures integrity during transportation to your sites around the world, adhering to strict national and international regulations.
Relocation of large volumes of samples requires strict compliance with global regulatory standards. At GNN, we understand the importance of transporting your samples in a safe and timely manner and with full documentation of each stage of the shipment.

GNN provides the solution to the challenge of logistics as a whole – because the only right answer is the solution that’s right for you.

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