GNN offers solutions for all the logistics challenges your clinical trial presents.

Need help designing the logistics processes of your clinical trials? GNN’s Competence Center offers professional consulting services across all segments of logistics. We collect, review, and analyze all data pertinent to the project to devise a customized plan for the logistics of your clinical trial. Plus, GNN’s risk assessment helps you identify the potential risks and generates an analysis of possible scenarios.

We work with you to design the optimal project plan for your logistics solution from start to finish. We design concepts in accordance with GxP standards, help you select laboratories and depots, and assist you with implementation of all your needs. With over 20 years of experience on an international level, we have accumulated the expertise to create the right package of resources for your project!

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Clinical Supply

Want to outfit participating clinical trial sites with collection supplies? GNN has been providing all services related to kit production, procurement, packaging, storage, and distribution for years. We can also support you in selecting IMP depots through our global network.

From procurement, production, and distribution of kits and ancillary supplies to disposal of expired materials – we take over all the stressful tasks so you can settle in and devote all your attention to your project.
For more than two decades, we have been providing you with a network of reliable partners, resources for the storage of IMPs and biological samples, and laboratories for every step of PBMC processing worldwide.
We take care of all logistics responsibilities for your medical devices, including procurement, storage, and distribution. Need a temperature-controlled environment? No problem. We also offer flexible management solutions for your medical devices.

GNN offers.


We procure all necessary materials for your project.


We document and archive all certificates for the procured materials.


We document the stock level of all materials and kits in stock and at each site.


We design and create the labels for your kits and materials.

Packaging Design

We plan out and produce the packaging for your kits.


We assemble your kits according to your specifications.

Kit Tracking

We monitor the expiration dates of the kits in stock and at each site.


We store your materials and kits at the necessary temperature and in compliance with GxP.


We pack and ship your kits to each site.


We destroy the expired materials and kits, including documentation.


Whether you need to ship infectious samples at -180°C (LN2) or large batches of IMPs at +20°C, we make it happen, hassle free. Gain peace of mind knowing your logistics processes are in the best and safest of hands.

Data Management

We make data management easy
Constant clarity over your clinical trial logistics – from anywhere in the world! Experience data management as the perfect tool – for booking, tracking, warehousing, and even automated evaluation of statistics.


Those authorized have a secure location for communicating, accessing all necessary data and information, booking shipments, and checking the stock level in just a few clicks.

Online booking

Fast and simple: Enjoy an optimized order flow through the ability to book shipments yourself.


Your shipments can also be triggered automatically based on predefined criteria (visit, stock level, etc.).

Online tracking

Track the status of all your shipments any time and from anywhere in the world, right from your PC, laptop, or smartphone.

Email alert

You can set up instant email notifications, such as for changes to shipping, flight information, or delivery dates.

Online Stock Tracking

See at a glance the stock level of all materials at the sites of all participants around the world.

Status: delivered! We send you updates related to your ongoing studies in real time. Because every single shipment counts.

Packaging Solutions

Your valuable products are in the best hands with GNN. We use only the most advanced technologies to ensure the integrity of your products/samples.

Thermal Packaging

Thermal Shipping Systems (all temperatures)

When it comes to shipping your products/samples, only the best is good enough. That’s why we offer qualified PCM/VIP systems that guarantee the proper temperature of your products during shipping. No matter the temperature range or transport duration, we have the right solution.

Dry Ice (-81°C)

To ship your valuable samples in the best possible way, we offer validated international dry ice shipping systems. Whether you’re shipping one sample or an entire sample warehouse, we provide the perfect packaging systems.

Cryogene Packaging (-180°C)

For shipping at ultra-low temperatures, we offer dry shippers in all sizes, with temperature logging and a validated holding time of 15 to 30 days.

Infectious Material Packaging

We offer a wide range of tested and certified packaging systems for shipping infectious samples, in all sizes and for all temperature ranges.

Temperature Monitors

Need documentation to validate the integrity of your product? We offer USB/PDF temperature loggers for all temperature ranges to meet this need, available worldwide.


Green logistics – which is cost efficient in addition to being environmentally friendly – requires digital networking of the supply chain. After all, that’s what makes it possible to aggregate and share data across companies and to achieve an unprecedented level of transparency in all ordering and delivery processes. At GNN, we want to tap into the potential for green logistics, whether through preventing empty runs or ensuring energy-efficient warehouse operations and innovative returnable systems. Let’s discuss the right solution for you!

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