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We are paving the way so that your research can improve patients' quality of life. Excellent teamwork, aggregated expertise, and a passion for health care are the tools in our toolbox. We give it all for your success. After all, your success is our success!

Team of experts / Core Team

The GNN team is a family, and each member is an expert in his or her field of expertise. Our top priority lies in service orientation and the highest level of quality and reliability. We strive to evolve and to think outside the box every day. We place great value in cultivating personal contact with our customers and in finding the right solution for every challenge. We see our business relationship with you as a partnership of equals – working hand in hand to achieve success.

Our people
make it happen


The GNN team is made up of experts in their field. Our team members undergo continuing professional development and further education to make sure they stay up to date.


The structure of GNN along with its network are how we adapt to the needs of our customers and find solutions tailored to their needs.


We develop first-class, customized solutions. Every solution is designed to perfectly meet each customer’s unique set of requirements.

Mehran Nadji


Our empathetic gentle giant and walking Encyclopedia Logistica – the genuine and uncompromising guidepost to all clients and employees.

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Sam Yazdani, MSc


Our tenacious troubleshooter with a penchant for gourmet and our unrelenting trailblazing leader.

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Rebecca Krenn, MA

QM, Head of Operations

Our athletic rock and the detail-oriented defender of the quality of our services.

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Michaela Moyschewitz


Our humorous ray of sunshine with both ears open for the concerns of customers, partners, and colleagues.

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Tanja Möstl


Our animal rescuer with a green thumb and our champion of sustainability and environmental protection in everything we do.

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Stefanie Nadji, DI


Our kind-hearted advisor in all aspects of life and the detail-oriented and diligent guardian of our finances.

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Vision & Mission


We are the preferred logistics partner for our value-oriented customers in the life science sector, as we guarantee the success of their clinical trials. Our high-quality comprehensive consultation and service form a great combination with the commitment of our expert team. Together, these elements ensure maximally sustainable solutions that enable our customers to improve their patients’ quality of life!


Complete customer satisfaction and the absolute best consultation and service are our top priorities. We ensure the integrity of our clients' clinical trial shipments and guide their project to the finish line.

Great Place to Work & Career

We offer positions in exciting fields throughout the company! Curious? We would love for you to join our GNN family. We are fully convinced that happy and satisfied customers come from happy employees. The name of the game for us: fun at work and a job that’s really going somewhere. Some of the values we embody include openness, recognition, transparency, and kindness.

We also strive to cultivate mutual appreciation and a pleasant working environment. What awaits you is a fascinating field of work with training and development opportunities, plenty of variety, and regular feedback so that we can grow together. Special qualifications and professional experience don’t take a front seat in our selection process, so we don’t require previous experience. What matters to us is the individual – bringing their own set of talents, abilities, character, and unique personality. Benefits such as free lunch, regular events, workplace health promotion, and an end-of-year bonus are matters of course for us.

Join the team!

Vacant job positions

Please feel free to send us an application even if you don’t see a position listed that suits you. We’re looking forward to your application! We’ll keep your information in our applicant database and contact you for a no-obligations conversation if we have a vacancy that fits your profile.

Operations Junior Manager (pdf/197 KB)


Want to see what else we have to offer – aside from a great team and interesting operations? Look through our benefits. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us! Our employees are important to us, and we want them to be happy working with us. That's why we offer a variety of appealing benefits. Feel free to see for yourself!

We love to give it our all for our employees. So many reasons to join the GNN Group – here’s a snapshot of our benefits!


Enjoy a snack or a hot lunch. Grab a hot beverage, an ice-cold water, or some fruit or treats whenever you like!


We of course offer retirement and health insurance plans.


Our convenient location makes it easy to get to work by bus or train – no car needed. Whatever your means of transportation, we provide a travel allowance.


Barbecues, holiday parties, team-building exercises, and much more – we’re not just all about work.


On-demand personal and professional development programs are here for you to support your career.


We have an active health management program with numerous options.


Receive a nice bonus based on achievement of your goals.

There’s more! Even more benefits specific to the position and the area of the company await you.

Positions in our Team

Optimal division of tasks is the key to quality assurance and ultimate customer service.

Establishment of corporate strategy and vision, policy decisions, finance management, sales and marketing, customer relations, contracts and legal responsibilities, and budgeting.
Execution and improvement of daily work processes. Incoming business, material management, and warehousing. Provision and improvement of internal processes, infrastructure, and information management. Internal software testing. Partial function as Deputy CEO. Operational implementation of management decisions. Selection and implementation of new equipment.
Maintenance and improvement of internal processes and infrastructure, partner network, quality and training of employees, information management, and internal software development and monitoring. Deputy CEO. Operational implementation of management decisions. Selection and implementation of new systems, compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and GxP. Internal auditing. Human resources.
Execution and improvement of daily work processes. Business relations, material management and warehousing.
Development and programming of GNN software, support and further development.
Support of quality achievements and performance improvements throughout the organization. Development, implementation, communication, and maintenance of a quality plan to align company quality systems and policies with quality system requirements.

Work with GNN

We employ state-of-the-art technologies in communication, documentation, and archiving, as well as patented solutions in packaging and temperature control. Furthermore, the frequency of shipment inspections allows for sufficient time for corrections.
Proactive communication with customers, partners, and authorities is important to us. All processes are documented by trained specialists and are ISO certified and GDP and GMP compliant. GNN’s annual internal and external audits encompass the review of continuous improvements – a practice defined in our Change & Quality Management policy.
Next-level quality management GNN’s Competence Center comprises a body of internal and external experts whose focus is the implementation of all of our clients’ logistics goals. It serves as oversight for our quality management and monitoring system to ensure continuous improvement of our services.
We always use the latest generation of packaging and loggers for your shipments. These document the process seamlessly and ensure the integrity of your goods throughout the entire shipping process, absolutely error free.

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