From molecules to medicine – GNN delivers molecules for development of life-saving medications on dry ice from USA to Hungary during a Christmas snowstorm.


Ensure safe on-time delivery of molecules for development of life-saving medications from North Carolina, USA via Frankfurt to Hungary on dry ice.


Due to upcoming Christmas holidays there was no direct flight avaliable from the pick-up location in North Carolina, USA. Heavy weather conditions caused cancelation of flights, which led to longer transport duration and need for re-icing during transport.


GNN organized transfer from North Carolina, USA to airport New York, USA via road transport, where a flight was planned to depart to Frankfurt. Heavy weather conditions caused cancelation of this flight. GNN Operations team with direct support of CEO managed last-minute re-booking of the flight to Munich and assured re-icing of the shipment before departure. As the shipment arrived in Munich on weekend, there was a urgent need of re-icing before further transportation. In order to ensure the integrity of the samples GNN corporated directly with airfreight partner, who was able to re-ice the shipment and provide appropriate storage.


GNN succesfully transported the shipment to its final destination. GNN made sure that the time- and temperature-critical molecules where delivered and could be further processed to develope life-saving medication.

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