GNN establishes a sustainable clinical study supply chain to make time critical shipment of blood samples possible.


Ensure same-day-collection of whole blood samples within a temperature range of +2°C to +8°C from clinical sites all over Germany with a lead time of 3 hours and to guarantee delivery within 24H starting with collection of blood. Because of short lead time of the shipment, pre-conditioned thermal packaging has to be always available at all clinical sites.


The shipments are requested directly from the laboratory, where the stuff isn´t always aware of the logistics process. In order to plan the shipment properly on short notice, GNN needs to make sure that all relevant information is given to all important parties – in this case GNN, sponsors and consignee of the shipment (processing lab).

Conception of closed loop solution to assure all-time availability of pre-conditioned packaging at clinical sites was also necessary.


GNN reviewed and analysed project related data provided by the customer and designed an individual logistics solution. To allow simple and effective booking process a custom booking form was created.

The team of experts at GNN noticed the need to use multi-use thermal packaging and designed a closed loop solution for returning the boxes to clinical sites after each shipment to the processing lab. Multi-use thermal boxes were stationed at 10 clinical study laboratories all over Germany.

GNN provided pre-conditioning instructions for the temperature range of +2°C to +8°C for the clinical sites to assure temperature accuracy of all shipments.


GNN successfully created a form to alleviate shipment booking by clinical sites stuff. GNN provided and stationed multi-use thermal boxes for all clinical sites and originated a handling manual to ensure proper pre-conditioning of the packaging. With sustainability in mind, GNN conceptualised a box-return solution to assure immediate availability of the packaging at clinical sites.

„GNN designs an optimal logistics concept according to your requirements – we pave the way for care-free process.”

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