GNN conceptualises unique cost- and time-efficient sustainable closed-loop-solution for high frequency shipments of biological samples at -190°C.


GNN Group was approached by a client to develop a unique cost- and time-efficient solution for shipping biological samples at -190°C within Germany.


The client required a solution that would enable weekly shipments with short notice and without the need for a long lead time for dry shippers. Usual dry shipper shipment process needs a lead time of at least 5 business days in order to guarantee the availability of a fully charged dry shipper.


GNN Group conducted extensive research and partnered with a supplier to create a closed-loop solution. The solution involved the permanent availability of a fully charged dry shipper at the consignor’s location, ensuring that it was always ready for use. This eliminated the need for a lead time and allowed for more than one shipment per week on short notice.


The closed-loop solution resulted in a significant reduction in transportation costs and time. It also ensured the safe and secure transport of the biological samples at the required temperature, without compromising their integrity. The client appreciated the cost- and time-efficient nature of the solution and its ability to facilitate high-frequency shipments with short notice.

„GNN Group’s expertise in logistics and ability to solve unique challenges make them a valuable partner for clients in need of innovative solutions. The closed-loop solution developed for the transportation of biological samples at -190°C is a testament to GNN Group’s commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency.“

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